Founded in 2008, N7A is an architectural practice based in Bangkok, Thailand. The name N7A is a homograph of the Thai word "กาล" (Kāl), meaning interval — to reveal the hidden phenomena of things through architectural space and form as our philosophy and design strategy.

We are dedicated to creating architecture that stimulates and inspires; architecture that tells the story of place, interval, institutional and individual aspiration, and the synergy between the natural and built realms. Over the years, the contemporary meaning of tropical architecture and sustainable design has evolved, and we have remained at the forefront of this architectural discourse.
Chakdao Navacharoen
Deejing Jittanoonta
Pinyo Hirunsatjalert

Apinya Rungchonchawalit
Busababun Potitad
Challika Vittayagul
Chaloemwong Puttharaksa
Channarong Heebkaew
Nattanon Boonmong
Nichamas Pisutpunya
Nunchanok Roekwibunsi
Nut Hoontrakul
Patkarn Chulathada
Pinboon Anarnkaporn
Preradon Pimpakan
Silawan Chaiwon
Supawit Sriubolmas
Tansiri Jultrakul
Thichakorn Jarupramoth
Worada Viriyakhaikul
Yongyut Jettanameth
Kanthicha Saiuthayarn
Kanyapat Kasiensin
Kittipoom Laowphet
Pakthima Kanchanabutr
Pantharee Phaosiripong
Pimlapat Pornpaisarnskul
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We are always looking for passionate and talented architects and designers.

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