Designed and developed in according to the main intention to be green factory, EGO SPORT has been collaborated with GREEN DWELL (specialist in green building) and designed to capture the essence of their neighborhood. Using active and passive processing to make energetic saving, building can work effectively and respond to be ecofriendly project.

EGO SPORT has 3 parts, factory office and show room. Although these are different functions, their designs are related and blended. With patterns and colors, Aluminum gives the feeling of soft-moving thread which is the primary materials of the building. The using of material can be sun-protect and express the character of the project.

NS Media Office

Combining the two facilities, NS Media low rise structure has the front portion got digital media production house and the rear portion got owner’s private residence. The former space emphasizes on the quality of work environment to enhance the overall operational efficiency of both front of the house and back office areas. While, the latter dwelling space is shaped by blending the modern open-plan layout with various types of natural marble stone finishing in a new manner in order to create a new sense of luxury touch.